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    Hua Xu, Wei Wan, Wenhao Zhang, Anqi Cui, Xincheng Hu, Gang Deng, Greg Hillebrand. Prediction method of skin conditions and prediction system thereof. PRC Invention Application Publication. Publication No.
    CN101916334B disclosed on Aug. 12th, 2015.

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  • 崔安颀, 张敏, 刘奕群, 马少平, 金奕江. 一种识别微博突发热点事件的方法及装置. 中国. 发明专利, CN103455639A, 2013-12-18公开. SIPO
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  • 徐华, 崔安颀, 大谷庆彦, 井内文. 预测洗涤产品的抗菌性能或关键成分含量的方法及装置. 中国. 发明专利, CN101551374B, 2009-05-14申请, 2013-03-27授权. SIPO
    Hua Xu,
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Papers (Chronological)

  • Anqi Cui, Guangyu Feng, Borui Ye, Kun Xiong, Xing Yi Liu, Ming Li. UWNLP at the NTCIR-12 Short Text Conversation Task. Proceedings of the 12th NTCIR Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies. June 7-10, 2016.

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    EI Accession No.: 20133016534008
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    Acceptance: full paper 25/54 (46.3%), all 34/59 (57.6%).
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  • Hadi Amiri, Yang Bao, Anqi Cui, Anindya Datta, Fang Fang, Xiaoying Xu. NUSIS at TREC 2011 Microblog Track: Refining Query Results with Hashtags. TREC 2011 Report. Nov 15-18, 2011.
    *All authors contribute equally to the work, and are listed in alphabetical order of their surnames.
    EI Accession No.: 20130716022563
    Full text available at:

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