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Board Games

I've played more than 50 board games.
I also made some myself:
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BGG RankNameBGG LinkCategory
0004 Puerto Rico (波多黎各) Constructions 
0006 Power Grid (电力网络) Constructions 
0017 Dominion (皇舆争霸) Business 
0033 Stone Age (石器时代) Constructions 
0046 Pandemic (瘟疫危机) Constructions 
0065 Ticket to Ride: Europe (车票之旅:欧洲) Constructions 
0077 Endeavor (奋进号) Constructions 
0081 Dixit (只字片语) Constructions 
0085 The Resistance (抵抗组织) Camps 
0087 Carcassonne (卡卡颂): Basic, River extension Constructions 
0091 The Settlers of Catan (卡坦岛): Basic, Ocean extension Constructions 
0112 King of Tokyo (东京之王) Business 
0129 Modern Art (现代艺术) Conversational 
0151 Citadels (富饶之城) Business 
0212 Lost Cities (失落的城市) Numbers 
0216 Bohnanza (种豆得金) Conversational 
0287 Werewolves of Miller's Hollow (狼人): Basic, Extensions Camps 
0304 No Thanks! (不用谢) Numbers 
0318 Zooloretto (动物园) Business 
0321 Chinatown Business 
0329 Betrayal at House on the Hill (小黑屋) Others 
0349 Hey! That's My Fish (企鹅抢鱼) Others 
0352 Meuterer (海上叛变) Business 
0368 Manila (马尼拉) Business 
0385 Category 5 (Take 6, 谁是牛头王) Numbers 
0416 Shadow Hunters (暗影猎手) Others 
0479 High Society (上流社会) Others 
0485 Bang! Camps 
0486 Ca$h 'n' Gun (黑帮) Others 
0529 Turn the Tide (运转潮汐) Others 
0530 Saboteur (矮人矿坑) Others 
0553 Fearsome Floors (恐怖回廊) Others 
0584 Mall of Horror (僵尸商场) Others 
0630 Tsuro Constructions 
0633 You're Bluffing! (吹牛) Numbers 
0703 Timeline: Inventions (生活大爆炸) Others 
0777 The Red Dragon Inn (红龙旅店) Others 
0783 The Castle of the Devil (魔城马车, Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg) Camps 
0788 Pickomino (虫林野宴) Numbers 
0809 Pick Picknic (鸡同鸭抢) Others 
0856 Iliad (伊利亚特) Camps 
0905 Once Upon A Time (OUAT) (很久很久以前) Conversational 
1614 Rat A Tat Cat (逐鼠神猫) Numbers 
1773 Ziegen Kriegen (羊满为患) Numbers 
1819 Sitting Ducks Gallery (射鸭子) Others 
1960 Coda (Davinci Code, 达芬奇密码) Numbers 
1998 Munchkin (小白世纪) Others 
2073 Squint (眯眯眼) Conversational 
2820 风声 (The Message) Camps 
6308 Sahara (撒哈拉) Others 
6400 三国杀 (San Guo Sha): Alpha version, Public version Camps 
8265 UNO Others 
N/A 厨王传奇 (Chef Masters) Business 
N/A 青春斗  Business 
N/A 逍遥游  Camps 
N/A 大明首辅  Camps 
N/A 扭扭蛇 (Twisting Snake)  Others 
N/A 魔弹  Others 
N/A 福神 (God of Luck) Others 
N/A 不迟到  Others 
Showing 60 items